Visit Wimmera Mallee | Adventures in a different light

Welcoming leisure, business, and event visitors, the Wimmera Mallee visitor economy bolsters local businesses and creates jobs across the expansive 32,000 sq km region, encompassing Buloke, Hindmarsh, West Wimmera, and Yarriambiack Shires.

Home to unique and magnificent attractions, Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee boasts the world’s largest outdoor gallery – the Silo Arts Trail. Showcasing 14 painted silos, the region offers a rich blend of national parks, natural wonders, historic sites, and community-driven attractions.


Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy

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The Challenge

Faced with limited resources and post pandemic challenges, the region’s tourism efforts needed to be elevated to better showcase the area, highlight the many wonders, and build content to connect with travellers.

In a fiercely competitive tourism market, a digital campaign was required to attract local and interstate visitors by emphasising road trips that celebrate the journey, not just the destination.

Previous campaigns had “missed the mark” and not showcased the region in its true form.

The Solution

The thinking

Leveraging the insight that many Victorians travel to similar regions each year for short stays, a campaign concept was framed that highlighted the region as a travel alternative with many distinct journeys and many experiences offering something completely different to mainstream travel. Through workshop ideation and engaging with Local Government Area representatives from across the region, a range of strategies were formulated.

The workshop emphasised the importance of developing diverse content streams, each uniquely resonating with three identified key target audiences. The aim, to highlight the array of adventures that the expansive region offers, all under one unifying narrative.

The concept

Adventures in a different light

A region that changes its colours from season to season, from sunrise to sunset. While our expanse covers a large portion of the state, we are the unknown, the hidden gem. We’re for going against the grain, discovering the unfound while avoiding the crowds.

No two Wimmera Mallee trips are the same. For every visitor it offers a unique experience to seek something different, an opportunity to choose your own adventure, to see the other side of Victoria and explore on your terms

The Result

The response to the digital campaign was unprecedented, with robust local support that propelled a segment focused on visiting friends and relatives (VFR).

Paid digital campaigns amplified compelling content and messaging, utilising stunning short videos and still imagery, customised to each target group.

Downloadable Adventure Guides generated large amounts of leads whilst providing the user with a valuable resource to learn more about the regions and plan their own Wimmera Mallee adventure.
The ‘win an ultimate Wimmera Mallee trip’ competition resulted in strong reach and entries, helping to build a database of in-market users for future communications, where there previously was none.

Paid Digital Activity

> Total digital media spend: $14,996
> Reach: 1,830,338
> Video Views: 257,226
> Clicks to website: 9,659
> Conversions*: 2,039
> Cost per total conversions: $7.35
*conversions are counted as competition entries and itinerary downloads.
Organic Social Media Activity
> Facebook page reach up 1.6k%,
> Instagram reach up 2.3k%