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Up There Store is a men’s fashion and sneaker boutique based in Melbourne. The client had an established brand, selling both online via a website and a physical store in the heart of the CBD. With an extensive organic social media presence, Up There Store realised the need to leverage its strong online presence through strategic channels to grow overall sales by expanding their reach.

replicating authenticity.

The Challenge

Up There Store were proficient in maintaining a quality social media presence, positioning themselves as leaders in exclusive sneaker sales and quality men’s garments. However, they were aware that they weren’t fully reaching their online potential to maximise product turnover and revenue. With new products launching frequently, we were engaged to implement a marketing plan to build awareness, hype, and most importantly, sales.

We acknowledged the importance of replicating the authenticity of Up There Store’s social media brand in the marketing material. Due diligence was taken to seamlessly blend the business’s tone and nature of the products on offer.

Maximising online sales and return on investment was the overarching marketing objective to grow an already established business via contemporary marketing platforms.

powerful advertising.

The Solution

Our extensive experience in running optimised CPA (cost per acquisition) campaigns allowed them to identify key parameters required. The process required creating an impactful presence via Google’s Shopping Network and paid social media advertisements.

The powerful aspect of these platforms is the detailed consumer targeting that can be applied to get in front of the targeted persona/s, maximising budget efficiency while delivering results.

For example, there is a niche consumer segment that Up There Store wanted to target – the ‘sneaker fanatics’. By establishing detailed targeting surrounding their demographics, purchase behaviours, interests, timing, devices, etc, the campaign was in the eyes of the target in a seemingly natural setting. Coupled with high quality visual content and messaging, the campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram proved immediately successful. 

The Results

The result exceeded the client’s initial expectations of their own online potential. Up There Store were now competing and beating larger brand competitors online. A relatively small investment of $6400 across all channels generated $52,000 in revenue from 263 sales. This represents a massive return on investment of 809%, showcasing the power of highly targeted, creatively strong digital campaigns. Our emphasis on establishing the metrics for tracking and measuring success allowed Up There Store to transparently see the direct benefits of undertaking the paid campaigns.


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