the carlton draught. 

The Carlton Draught (TCD) is probably not the brand you think it is…similar name maybe, but very unique products. TCD is a young, local fashion store, who create humorous and quirky products about your favourite sporting teams and stars. TCD approached Arthur St Digital to gain some direction on their sometimes controversial, viral products. They needed help on how to capitalise on what was once a simple passion project.

an online success.

The Carlton Draught is a little local business with national reach! Creating a known brand and products that could be recognised throughout the country had already been achieved. Whether it was a clever “Dangerwood” tee and beanie, or a “Kebablett” stubby holder, these boys certainly knew how to create a unique viral product.

TCD was already an online success, with over 110K social media followers on Facebook and Instagram. So the challenge for Arthur St Digital was to turn the reach, awareness and appeal for TCD products into commercial sales.

what we did.

Extensive experience in running successful and targeted social media campaigns allowed Arthur St Digital to assist TCD in achieving their sales goals.

Due to TCD’s already large and complete following on social media, the Facebook and Instagram channels were the optimal place for customers to be targeted.  A combination of carousel and static image ads were created with simple product imagery in each. Not only this, Arthur St Digital identified that using A/B testing and dynamic remarketing ads would also be advantageous. these methods allowed the best ads to be targeted to customers who ‘added to their cart” on The Carlton Draught website, but never followed through with the purchase.  Clever hey!

The Results

The result exceeded the client’s initial expectations of their own online potential. The Carlton Draught was kicking goals in every aspect of their campaign.

With a relatively small investment initially, the brand saw a 1050% increase in return on ad spend. Our more phenomenal result to date! The campaign is still running as we speak, however, the results clearly speak for themselves. Within the short 5 month period, TCD have seen the ads generate over 780 online purchases, with the total cost per purchase as little at $5.10.

Arthur Street’s emphasis on establishing the metrics for tracking and measuring success continues to allow The Carlton Draught to transparently see the direct benefits of undertaking the paid campaign.


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