Google and Social Media Ads

SEDA is an Australia-wide education provider and industry leader in hands-on education for year 11 & 12 students.

Offering sports-centric learning, SEDA helps students develop necessary skills, knowledge, and attributes, as well as building relationships and relevant network for a successful career in sport.



Social Media Ads


The Challenge

SEDA required a clear strategy and execution of key ‘acquisition’ marketing activities. The primary concern was that existing digital campaigns lacked efficiency, were low converting, and a lack of tracking and reporting made it near impossible to gauge campaign performance. The client also aimed to grow brand awareness across key audience segments for their VIC, NSW, and SA schools.

The Solution

To understand the client’s pain points, the team undertook a performance analysis and detailed audit of existing activity. Working closely with the SEDA marketing team, we were able to determine what was most important to them from a business perspective, and actions required to achieve these desired outcomes.

Focusing on their primary goal of generating applications, event registrations and enquiries – we put in place a digital campaign strategy to increase SEDA’s digital presence through a pay-per-click campaign, as well as drive leads via a strategic Facebook ads funnel.

With Google, Facebook and Instagram being the three biggest platforms for their target audiences, we utilised these platforms to build out a series of nurturing campaigns, taking potential prospects on a journey from discovery, to consideration, and ultimately conversion.

Although SEDA understood their key target markets – students and parents – they needed to better resonate with their audience at each stage of the customer journey. We constructed unique audience personas and delivered compelling, creative content that was more personalized and relevant to each individual audience. These were in the form of; Mobile-optimized video ads, lead forms, messenger chatbots and ‘story’ placement ads.

During campaign periods we also incorporated display remarketing designed to keep the SEDA brand top-of-mind and drive conversions. To further expand awareness, we used Snapchat, Spotify, and YouTube to complement the primary campaigns.

A Google Data Studio dashboard, tailored to their business requirements, was also set up to allow detailed reporting, full transparency and ‘real time’ performance data.

The Result

Since taking over the SEDA VIC accounts mid-2019, website conversions are up 91% and the conversion rate has had a 103.78% increase in comparison to the previous period.

The multi-channel campaign strategy proved more effective and efficient in terms of consistent conversions and internal data transparency. SEDA now have a full understanding of how many leads are being generated, where they are coming from, and how much it cost, and a clearer perspective of return on investment.

Ultimately, the ongoing and strategically timed campaigns have delivered a more cohesive user experience that feels natural in a saturated ad space.

Arthur St continues to work closely with the SEDA team on managing both paid search (SEM) and social, reporting, analysis, and strategy across all digital platforms.

Arthur St conceived and executed highly targeted digital campaigns. Together with a coordinated earned media push, this generated 300+ leads per month, with a cost per lead of just 80 cents.