No Unwanted Advertising – Only What You Need

needessentials is a brand born from a desire to consume less and live simply. They make world class wetsuits at a fraction of the price adopting sustainable and honest practices.

They are an independent company operated entirely by Australian surfers taking on a market saturated by corporate investors chasing maximum profits.


Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads


The Challenge

needessentials approached us with a goal to connect with their customers in a way that doesn’t promote excessive consumption or disrupt their lives. They needed a clear strategy and unique Google Ads campaigns that aligned with their core values, ethos, and marketing principles.

While maximising conversion potential and minimising costs, needessentials wanted to avoid bombarding customers with unnecessary advertisements that encourage buying things they don’t need.

This presented an exciting opportunity to redefine effective paid advertising for socially conscious brands in an industry where competition and market domination are the norm.

The Solution

Since needessentials wasn’t interested in competing for broad match terms, it was crucial for their ads to outperform competitors specifically on brand-related searches. When they approached us, needessentials already had a deep understanding of their target markets and had built trusted customer relationships.

We utilised this knowledge to create unique ad copies that reflect the brand’s minimalist and unobtrusive marketing approach, while still driving meaningful user actions and conversions. By incorporating both search and shopping campaigns, we curated the ads and bid to ensure needessentials appeared prominently when users searched for their brand, allowing them to dominate their niche without resorting to remarketing or encroaching on other similar brands.

Additionally, we set up a customised reporting dashboard to provide detailed and transparent monthly metrics tailored to their specific business goals and requirements.

The Result

Since launching and managing their Google Ads campaigns in October 2020, needessentials has successfully reached millions of people, achieving an impressive average return on ad spend (ROAS) and well above average conversion rates. All markers have been met while staying true to the needessentials philosophy and focusing on dominating their own market space without resorting to intrusive advertising practices.

Today we continue to run Google campaigns and support needessentials as they expand their mission globally, entering the US and Canadian markets, in their commitment to providing surfers with only what they truly need.