UX Website Design and Rebuild

Moama Bowling Club (MBC) is a premier sports and entertainment destination located near the Murray River in Moama NSW. Moama Bowling Club offer something for the whole family to enjoy including Dining at The Bistro, Frinkle and The Café as well as social and professional Lawn Bowls on the Greens.

We initially began our relationship with Moama Bowling Club by running Google and social media advertising through The Riverine Herald. The club was due for a new website, that represented them as a entertainment venue as well providing important and valuable information to their customers.


UX Website Design

UX Strategy 

UX Interactive Wireframes

Ongoing site management and maintenance


The Challenge

Moama Bowling Club are known within the local Moama-Echuca region for food, entertainment, and bowls.  

The problem was their site did not represent the real-life experience of the club.  The website no longer met the club’s functional needs and its navigation and usability was poor. The challenge was to bring the offline experience of the club online so, when someone went onto the website, they felt like they were walking into the club and were able to easily achieve their goals on the site 

 We needed to understand the primary users to create a site that was fresh, clean, and user-friendly whilst representing who the Moama Bowling Club are as a venue.  

The Solution

Working together with the Moama Bowling Club, our website team started with a website UX strategy. We conducted a deep dive into understanding the users and their problems. We: 

  1. Conducted user interviews 
  2. Mapped out user personas 
  3. Looked at how people are currently using the site 
  4. Explored current pain-points and needs from the Club and the users 
  5. Explored the Clubs current and future goals and needs 
  6. Performed a gap analysis and prioritised design based on user needs 

Our UX strategy, based on design thinking principles, gave us a solid grounding for building a website from scratch that met the needs of the MBC and their users.   

We designed and tested the wireframes and then built the new website on a WordPress platform.  We conducted an SEO audit of the site and worked closely with the Clubs content producers – providing imagery, text and video direction based on SEO best-practice and optimal user experience. 

The Result

The finished website represented everything that the client was initially looking for – the overall feeling of going on the website felt like entering the club.  

It incorporated who they were as a bowling club as well as being easy to use and functional for both staff of Moama Bowling Club and their customers. 

The MBC team was trained on how to make updates to the website. We are also their management and hosting partner. We maintain their site and provide ongoing support for larger updates to help their site grow with their growing needs as a club.