Human centred design for exceptional social content 

A human-centred approach to designing digital solutions starts with empathy: putting you in your customers’ shoes.

This process of understanding their need states and motivations from the moment they become aware of your product or service, through to enquiry, purchase or sign up, is best captured in a Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) workshop. Assumptions are interrogated, intuitions tested and solutions co-created.


Human Centred Design

Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Strategy 

Social Content Design

The Challenge

Godfrey Hirst engaged Arthur St to drive both engagement with architects, interior designers and industry influencers and sales in their expanding commercial division.

 In a half day workshop, facilitated by Arthur St, key Godfrey Hirst stakeholders mapped the process of choosing a supplier and specifying a carpet. Which social channels or digital resources did their clients use for inspiration? How did they research their selections? When did they request physical samples? Who did they engage with in the lead up to their final decision? The challenges, pain-points and opportunities were all laid bare.  

 The next step was seeking feedback on and validation of this co-designed customer journey map. Arthur St interviewed architects, interior designers and specifiers of commercial projects. Insights into their digital channels proved surprising and were added to the consolidated response. This included a bespoke digital strategy and content created for each media channel.


Executing on the digital strategy fundamentally changed Godfrey Hirst’s approach to social media.

After a single month of supporting posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest, post engagement (number of eye-balls) was up by 7512%. Their Pintrest audience size jumped by 200%.

This amplified interest developed its own momentum, through shares and Pined posts, thereby ranking their content higher in organic search.