Digital dashboards deliver in real-time

The data your organisation collects is more often than not an under-utilised asset.

Unlocking the hidden value gathering dust in your digital attic starts with a sharing session, to understand what’s possible with existing sources of data. Outcomes include the development of digital dashboards, allowing your teams to make data informed decisions in real-time.


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Data Dashboards


The Challenge

genU, a leader in disability services and aged care, were seeking to uncover the potential value of their marketing data. Undertaken when everyone was working from home, digital tools were utilised to share data sources, understand what was possible and discover what questions could be answered.

Arthur St pulled in data from a variety sources; genU website / Google Analytics, Facebook ads, YouTube, LinkedIn and campaign data to build digital dashboards for each business unit.



At a glance the each genU team can monitor how they’re tracking, if they’re reaching targets and meeting objectives.

The live digital dashboards connect the dots between marketing efforts, search activity and results.

The data-driven decision making they facilitate means they can course correct or optimise, while a campaign is live, rather than after the budget and resources are done and dusted.