Twelve Months Of Converting – Marketing Funnels That Work For You

Frank and Dollys is a bespoke Australian Fashion Label creating beautiful, limited collections. A consumer favourite, they create bold, creative and memorable garments with sustainability and ethics at the forefront of design.

This independent brand is run by owners Joel and Rachel Cooper who have been on a journey to redefine fashion as an art form where creativity knows no bounds. Frank and Dollys have worked with us to reach their digital goals since 2020.  


Meta Ads – Facebook & Instagram

Pinterest Ads


The Challenge

Frank and Dollys are operating in a heavily saturated e-commerce market with a large number of other businesses competing in the digital landscape for online shopper engagement.

They need to trial a new strategy with their digital marketing to effectively use their budget and maximise sales and return on ad spend (ROAS). 

The Solution

The thinking

Frank and Dollys needed to find a way to get in front of the Online Shopper audience and prime them for purchase. Introducing a marketing funnel to push customers through different stages of the process from brand awareness through to a purchase.

The concept

Traffic + Conversion Campaigns

Introducing Frank and Dollys unique garments to a broad online shopper audience yet to interact with the brand with beautiful, stand out imagery and videos sending clicks through to the website to browse but not purchase on both Meta and Pinterest. Once the user is familiar with the brand, they are then retargeted with shopping ads to encourage a purchase.

The Result

In the last 12 months, Frank and Dollys ran campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest reaching over 800,000 users leading to over 54,000 website visits from paid activity alone.

The Pinterest Ads were focused on growing brand awareness and did that through generating over 1 million impressions and over 6,000 clicks through to the website which was strategically designed to push users into our remarketing audiences.

Impressively, the Meta Campaigns used the remarketing audiences to generate an average return on ad spend of 10x their investment and a conversion rate of 24.90%. These results were achieved by using eye-catching creative, curated copy and a marketing strategy designed to convert.