Facebook and Instagram social ads

EMU Australia is a premium Australian footwear brand specialising in the production of ‘ever natural’ sheepskin footwear. EMU Australia was born from Australian coastal origins and is loved around the world.

With their head office located in Geelong, EMU Australia products are stocked in nearly 100 countries across the globe. Utilising a variety of digital marketing agencies in the past, EMU Australia came to us with the goal of creating strong brand awareness through paid Facebook and Instagram advertising, and to drive sales online.


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

The Challenge

Renowned for their high-quality sheepskin footwear products, EMU Australia’s challenge was remaining top of mind with new and existing customers. They also wanted to drive online sales in a cost-effective manner that maximised their return on investment.

We were engaged to implement social media ads to build awareness, brand recall, and most importantly, sales. Initially we started with the Australian market during the Winter season, following this we adjusted our focus to the USA market for their Fall/Winter season.

Maximising online sales and return on investment was the overarching marketing objective for EMU Australia in order to grow this already established global business.

The Solution

Our extensive experience in running high quality social ads across Facebook and Instagram allowed us to identify the key parameters and objectives for EMU Australia. Starting with the Australian market, we utilised a Marketing Funnel approach. It initially  included a series of Facebook and Instagram campaigns that drove brand awareness and video engagement. We then followed this with product sales and remarketing campaigns that used a combination of dynamic creative, collection ads and the Facebook Product Catalog.

Remarketing to past online customers as well as the EMU Australia email database proved to be an important step for the Australian market. By using these databases and creating lookalike audiences, we were able to deliver campaigns that were specific and relevant the target audience, this being customers that were most likely to purchase or re-purchase an EMU Australia product.

Alongside these regular “always-on” campaigns, short-duration campaigns were also created for key sale events including ‘Wool Week’, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Queen’s Birthday’ and ‘EOFY’. These campaigns were broadly targeted and were coupled with high quality visual assets  and strong messaging which proved to be a  very successful combination.

When we shifted our focus to the USA market, we adopted the methods that proved to work well in Australia. We used a funnelled marketing approach, where a big focus was on delivering out high-quality Remarketing material. Again, sale and specialty campaigns were deemed to be extremely important, particularly in delivering high-quality social ads for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign weekend, which is one of the biggest shopping weekends in the USA.

The Result

The results exceeded the client’s initial expectations. The client had the goal in mind of wanting to achieve a Return on ad Spend (ROAS) of approximately 10.00 from the beginning. With results in both the Australian and USA markets showing this figure, sometimes even a higher ROAS, across all campaigns.

Focusing on a three month campaign period, and a budget of around $7K for Australia, our social ads across both Facebook and Instagram delivered over $104K in revenue from 733 purchases. This represented an fantastic return on investment of 14.40 (or 1440%).

Across the same campaign duration and a slightly higher budget of $10K, the USA social ads delivered more than $147K in revenue from 1,633 purchases. Which represented a return on investment of approximately 14.50 (or 1450%), which exceeded the client’s initial expectations for the USA.

These results prove that correctly targeted, high-quality messaging and content, can deliver strong results in multiple countries. Our ability to set up campaigns effectively with correct tracking and measurements of success and optimisation, allowed the team at EMU Australia to see the unquestionable benefits of paid Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Campaign Highlights

Alongside the achievement of a fantastic ROAS figure, it was excellent to see the smaller, short-duration campaigns delivering exceptional results as well. In particular for Australia, the ‘End of Financial Year Sale’ campaign ran only for a short 4 day period but in this time spent $370 and drove $11,800 in revenue from 77 purchases. The return on ad spend for this campaign was 31.86 (or 3186%). Exceptional results!

In the USA, we proved the importance of remarketing with this being our biggest driver of sales over the entire duration of the campaign. Similarly to the Australian market, the smaller, shorter duration campaigns delivered well. In particular, exceptional results were achieved in the sale campaign for “Black Friday/Cyber Monday”. The campaign was run with a $900 budget across 5 days. It drove $20K in revenue through 240 purchases online. The return on ad spend for this campaign was 21.60 (or 2160%) which was outstanding.