brett’s jewellers. 

We were approached by Brett’s Jewellers, a local Geelong jeweller known for creating and rejuvenating family heirlooms, specialising in handmade special occasion rings, and remodelling old pieces into new.

family jeweller.

Brett’s Jewellers had previously used traditional methods of advertising for their sales and special events, including print media advertising and radio advertising. Brett’s were holding a massive sale in late August where they had over $500K worth of stock to sell. In the past, they hadn’t seen the traction they wanted through traditional marketing methods but needed to find a way to ensure this sale was as successful as possible.

With this in mind, Brett’s contacted us to assist in driving customers in-store and generating awareness of their sale via digital marketing methods.

Brett’s massive Half Price Sale was held across 4 days (Wed to Sat) and was solely advertised and promoted via digital marketing methods. For Brett’s, the following digital methods were utilised:

  • Facebook Event
  • Facebook Ads
  • MailChimp eDM

the challenge.

The Facebook Event created was a simple page event promoting everything customers needed to know about the sale. This was the simplest method used, but was essential for driving customers in-store.

Setting up a number of different Facebook Ads to promote the sale was the next step. It was critical to ensure the targeting measures for the audiences were specific to the ideal customer of Brett’s.

Creating awareness of the event and getting people ‘interested’ to attend the event was one of the ultimate goals. Facebook Ads were set up to drive ‘Event Responses’; that is, driving customers to respond directly to the Facebook Event we previously created. Targeting event responses were aimed at three separate audiences: (1) MailChimp Audience – people who were already on the Brett’s Jewellers MailChimp database; (2) Instagram Audience – people who had interacted and/or engaged with the Brett’s Jewellers Instagram account within the past 365 days; and (3) Geelong Audience – people who were in Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast, who had interests in jewellery, engagements and other similar features of Brett’s Jewellers ‘Ideal customers’.

As the sale got closer, additional ads and audiences were created to target and reach as many people as possible, aiming to generate maximum awareness of the sale. Through a ‘Maximum Reach’ campaign, we targeted everyone within the Geelong, Werribee and Surf Coast area, both with and without interests in jewellers and jewellery. It also made sense, to remarket and reach all people who had previously selected ‘interested’ on our Sale Facebook Event, to remind them about the sale.

Alongside the Facebook Ad campaigns, we created an electronic newsletter to send to the Brett’s Jewellers MailChimp database. This reflected similar details to those in the Facebook Event, aimed at creating awareness and interest in the sale event.

the results.

Throughout the 12 day digital campaign, over 159.8K people were reached via the Facebook Ads campaigns and 589 people responded to the Facebook Event as either ‘going’ or ‘interested’. We were able to keep the costs to below $2.7K all whilst achieving incredible results online, 281.4K impressions, costing $5.82 per 1,000 people reached and only $2.78 per event response.

The results from our MailChimp eDM proved the email was positively received by the database members. The email was received by over 1K people; open rate of the eDM was at 35.2%, which is 21.1% above the retail industry average. Not only this, but the eDM received a great click rate of 1.5%, which is almost double the result usually obtained from this database group.

The overall success of digital advertising, of course, needed to be compared to the actual success of the sale. Brett and the team were extremely happy with sale, selling out of almost all stock by day 3.

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