SEO Strategy

The origins of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank began more than 160 years ago and has now grown into one of Australia’s most trusted brands, with over 1.8 million customers in over 500 locations. The Bendigo Bank team approached us to develop a specialised Search Engine Optimisation strategy to go along with the re-launch of their website.


SEO Strategy

The Challenge

Bendigo Bank undertook a project to re-launch their network of consumer sites towards the end of 2019, the main goal being to lift search visibility and organic search traffic by 20% year on year.

Initially engaging with a Melbourne based digital agency for the re-build, they turned to us for specialised Search Optimisation Support through the site launch process to ensure no search equity was lost along the way, as well as developing a detailed SEO strategy.

The Solution

Our web and SEO experts began by analysing over 14,000 pages and implemented a strategy for site “cutover”, which included thousands of redirects for when the new site launched.

Working together with a project management agency, a web team building on an enterprise level platform, as well as Bendigo Banks marketing teams split across Geelong, Melbourne and Bendigo, our team built out a comprehensive SEO strategy, allocating members of the marketing and web teams to then implement those actions.

The Result

A review three months after the successful launch of the new site revealed a strong increase in search traffic. Redirects were effectively implemented to retain any search equity built up over the years. Domain Authority remained consistent and keyword rankings improved.

The Search Strategy implemented prior to site launch was effective and mitigated any potential loss in search rankings in the highly competitive banking industry.