Content Marketing Strategy Bootcamp


The first step to getting a leg up on the competition and actively engaging your audience is to have a solid, smart content marketing strategy in place.  In this workshop you will learn the basics about what content strategy is, why your business needs a content marketing plan, and what steps you need to take to create your strategy.  We’ll also explore some examples of effective content marketing strategies.


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What is covered:

  • Understanding Content Strategy
  • Identifying Strategic Goals
  • The Discovery Phase
  • Workflows and Governance

What you’ll need:

  • Your laptop
  • All the passwords to your social and digital media accounts – in particular, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and your website platform.

Who are our training sessions for?

  • Marketing/Brand/PR Managers and Coordinators
  • Digital Marketing Managers and Coordinators
  • Small to Medium Businesses already confident with Social Media